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Mayor of Earle, AR

Jaylen Smith a native of Earle Arkansas for 19 years is the newly elected Mayor of the city of Earle, AR. elected in December 2022. Prior to becoming mayor, Smith served as President of Earle High School’s Student Government Association; class president; a member of career and technical student organization Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, and acted as President of Student Voice. 


He is currently known and globally recognized as the youngest African American mayor in the history of the United States Government and this momentous achievement has opened doors for appearances on the Jennifer Hudson Show, the Towanna Murphy Show and the Roland Martin's show, amongst others.


Mayor Jaylen Smith currently lives in Earle, AR where he is surrounded by the love, respect and support of his family and a team of governmental colleagues. Faith and focus are priorities for Mayor Smith therefore he believes that individuals are never too young to want to make a difference in their communities and looks forward to working on building a better chapter for Earle during his term.

Jaylen Smith

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